Ladies don’t love men who do these five things

More often than necessary, you might have heard a friend complain about women not finding them attractive enough or perhaps be jealous of another friend who women always clog around. The reason could be that they engage in these things that turn women off.

Several pieces of research have been done into the gap between men and women. It’s not rocket science to determine what men find less attractive to women. Take a quick look at these few blunders:

Another bottle of wine too!

Most men love a woman who loves to party but like a little policy. Sorry, ladies, but a real friend should not drink more than necessary. It is very embarrassing if someone sees my man “that drunk last week cuddled and constantly using the toilet. Thus, the task of ensuring that it does not happen is a factor to consider in hanging around the guy.

Forgot to shave

There is no denial that men who give time to shave usually appear more attractive to women. If you are not sure, ask a female friend or workmate politely. It’s no mystery that women also have hair growth, but there are few men who feel attractive carrying bushy armpits, moustache or chin hair. Yeah, you may ask why women go as far as shaving everything including the hair in their Hood.

Cursing like a ‘danfo’ driver

Some of us have friends and may be relatives who use the f-words and the k-words often and we forgive them but that is not to say that we do not have some reservations. However, as a guy who wants to be loveable and charming to ladies should rather avoid such. This is not to say that you have to start speaking like Barrack Obama addressing the Congress or Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom, but a little attention to your words is not too much to ask. It shows a sign of respect for the lady.

Know the right time

Crazy, crazier, craziest! A typical loveable guy by all ladies is one that understands when to touch her, where to touch her and how to touch her that she might say Stop. In fact, an attractive, smart dude understands that she actually meant Continue! Similarly, there are brave and lively ladies who like to have it rough. Play rough, run around, punch them and carry them. Unfortunately, you are going to be tagged boring if you fail to respond to her gesture for a rough play per time. She wants to run but you want to sit, that’s an error.


You either accept this as a fact or not, perfume is there to enhance your scent. Sometimes it also helps to create an identity or to fall, it depends on your ability to choose the right perfume. Usually, perfumes with very strong fragrance don’t go well with ladies because it chokes them. Well, don’t be disappointed if they choke you, just endure.

In essence, do you use perfume? Do so with caution. Men burst out on huge smoke odour. Some smart ladies like to figure out the name of your perfume by perceiving the fragrance. Interestingly, they feel challenged when you confuse them by mixing two or three perfumes. Hey! Be careful in mixing perfumes, hence you begin to smell like an undertaker from the graveyard.

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