Tips!! Never Treat A Boyfriend Like A Husband,Know Your Limit

1. You cook and wash for him

Why are you cooking and washing his house and clothes? 

Cook for him once in a while also because you need to eat. But you cannot manage someone’s house just for the sake of it, if he is not your husband, his house is not yours to manage.

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2. You’re always at his place

It’s okay to visit a guy but you can’t keep staying at his place like you don’t have a life of your own. If he keeps seeing you at his place he will definitely disrespect you or treat you like you’re a part of his furniture.

3. You’re always visiting his family

You’re trying to prove to him that you can be close his family and that you would make the perfect wife or a good daughter-in-law. Meeting them a few times is okay but you don’t need to be especially close to them to prove anything unless you’re his wife.

4. You nag him about his drinking and the time he sleeps

You waste a lot of energy trying to make him better or quarreling him for his bad habits. This is what mothers and wives do, you’re just a girlfriend stop taking responsibility for his bad habits. If anything his bad habits means he is not eligible for marriage.

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5. You act all submissive to him

You want to show him how great you are by submitting to him, being there for him at all times and tolerating his nonsense. Submission should be done when it’s a man that has not only purposed to marry you but has married you.You don’t need to act like you’re a wife so that you can become the wife. This is not some sort of job where you have to prove to the boss that you can take initiative and you can become a boss. Sometimes the boss can even see you’re trying but they still don’t like you enough. Don’t break your back trying to please a man.

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