“And Mordecai came again to the king’s gate. But Haman hasted to his house mourning, and having his head covered” (Esther 6:12).

The hour of Mordecai’s glory had just been observed. The day in which the Lord God gave him victory over his arch enemy just came to pass. Mordecai was in his season of unique and unparalleled lifting. Since when did an ordinary palace guard begin to wear the royal apparel with the king’s crown?

What further honour could be conceivable for a slave whose duty post was always the king’s gate?

How did it become that a mere captive could be riding on the king’s horse?

Even Joseph, as the governor of Egypt could only ride in Pharaoh’s second chariot (Genesis 41:43). Do you remember? But thus was Mordecai honoured and it would have been in order if he started feeling bigger than his shoes and also showing it. We call it swagger.

However, that was not Mordecai. I admire his calm disposition, both in the management of success and in the handling of victory. It would have been in order if he began mocking Haman and celebrating his long overdue vindication. He would have said, I have arrived.

But he was not a man that would engage in premature celebration.

The Bible says that after all the public parade, Mordecai returned to his duty post at the king’s gate.

This is a huge lesson for us all because many have forfeited their emerging victories due to poor management and premature celebrations. Mordecai knew that it was not yet time for celebration because the fundamental issue of the salvation of the Jews was yet to be resolved. Focus.

When you compare this with the character called Haman, you will easily distinguish the humility of Mordecai. You will remember that no sooner was Haman promoted than he began flexing muscles all over the town, showing everyone that he was now the favorite of the king. But Mordecai was temperate and patient. The humble are typically patient. They don’t jump ahead of God’s timing. They don’t unwrap God’s package until God is done with what He’s doing.

However, it will be an error to take Mordecai’s humility for stupidity, and to take his patience for naivety. Mordecai knew that God was not done yet and that this was only the beginning of a chain of glorious events.

When you begin to taste victory and success, what is your attitude?


Mordecai would not lose his head in spite of the great victory he had just recorded. We see this demonstrated in the lives of other biblical characters like Joseph and David who were able to handle success with a great deal of humility. David killed both the lion and the bear, yet no one knew about it. He killed Goliath and he did not go about painting the town red. Had he thrown a party to celebrate his anointing as the next king of Israel, he may never have been alive to ascend the throne.

In politics, academics, corporate governance and even in church, destinies are being cut off by powerful people because the upcoming man or lady could not manage initial success. The secret to retaining honour in success is modesty and humility.

Don’t overshine the master especially a master with low self esteem. It is not weakness, it is wisdom.

Jesus says, BLESSED ARE THE MEEK FOR THEY SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. Humility saves you time, protocol and stress. It saves your money too.

May the Lord grant you humility, wisdom, modesty and patience for greater exploits in Jesus name.

By Aniekeme finbarr

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