China, being the world’s largest population and the world’s largest economy. China also has the second largest land mass. It plays an important role in world affairs. China holds one of the ancient cultures in the world. It also has a lot of site attractions that will make your stay worthwhile. China is one of the nicest places to study in Asia.

Best Student Cities

Blessed with a lot of natural features, China gives the students the opportunity to choose the city in which they want to study. The post popular cities to study in include: Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

Shanghai is the country largest city in China because of its population. It houses over twenty-two million people and over the years, it has evolved into being the business capital of China.

On the other hand, the country’s capital Beijing has been the political capital for a huge number of years. These two important cities in China are definitely good choices for students to students to study in.

They also have natural landscapes and places to tour and explore in. They provide the students to explore the business life of China, the culture and tradition, Chinese arts and China’s communication.

This in turn provides with memorable experiences, one they won’t forget in a hurry. Another important city is the city of Hong Kong. The city was previously a colony for the British. It is currently the administrative capital of China.

Hong Kong is also the third most important city in the world. Other important cities and potential study options for international students include: Chengdu, Tianjin and Kunming.

It is important to know that China houses over five independent regions and twenty-two provinces. Each of these provinces has its own unique culture, tradition and language. There are lots of things to explore while living and studying in China.

Popular Subjects

A major drawback to studying in China is the language barrier. Classes are mostly taught in Mandarin, this is a challenge for students that do not want to study in Chinese language or any other language apart from English Language.

For example, Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Fudan University are known for teaching in mandarin. There is a slight change as not all courses are taught are mandarin, example is International business which is taught in English Language.

To study in China can be made possible by independent program providers and also by partnerships done internationally by Universities of different countries. The programs or courses taught in some cities in China are a combination of the difficult language and the school work. International students enjoy programs that were originally made for students in smaller cities through the program providers. The students that are beneficiaries of the partnership have their classes in a bigger University in the local area.

The main courses taught in China are Mathematics, Economics, Engineering, Urban Development Political science and Mandarin. The academic calendar of China which is segmented into semesters usually runs from September to January and February to July.


China, being the biggest if not largest economy in the world as of now is still improving as a nation. It is important to note that the cost of living in China is cheap and affordable as compared to countries in the west. The price of food costs just a few dollars and can also be negotiated. IN the local areas, the prices are even lower. It is important as a visitor to the country that the prices of things can be increased just because of your being a visitor. The people of China are very loving and very much love to know about your own culture. Scholarships to study in China on the other hand are available through an online platform, Go Abroad. This platform will provide you with all the information you need.


As an international student, the choices of your accommodation and other housing options are provided by the study abroad programs of China. The housing options are always in the form of an apartment, home stays, etc.

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