As the deer moved through the world of humans. A HEROINE’S heart got terribly shattered stunning in a bloom of disordered brain thoughts🤕
Vigorously sabotaged💔 Complications ran in like a stereo typical broken rhymes😨 Trust lost its direction, but the heart still stitched to Its Dignity💯 A HEROINE can’t be without her Heroic HERO💑
Waves wrecking, HERO’S heart lies cos of the female creatures surrounded by him👸👸👩👱‍♀
A Heroine still believes in her love💯 even with the lies a Heroine true, pure heart can’t be questioned😍 Sincerity was her love cling😇
Hero’s Heroine🦸‍♀ was believing the creator for a change but the Hero can’t change to please his Heroine😱
Unforseen Messages came across HEROINE’S Mobile 📲 from her same gender👩 all blue bloods👸
HEROINE couldn’t fight for her love anymore😥 she got sad and broken💔 believing and waiting for a true Hero to come👏 But Love in her was stronger than the mightier wind🗾But the devil laughed because Hero and Heroine Were separated🙆😟 Will this Love ever be mend?🤔 Curtain closes waiting for the narrator to tell the HEROINE’S full story 😯❤
Suspense is in the land again..😟 Strings detached🤯

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