Dear wives,every woman especially a married woman should know how to keep her vagina clean and tight no matter how many times she has been to the labour room.A clean vagina is a heathy vagina,a healthy vagina is free from infectious disease and gives you and your man the utmost pleasure during the baby making dance.
Instead of spending thousands on capsules to tighten your vagina or thousands on treatments of infections such as staphylocococs and urinary tract infection,follow these simple steps for easy vagina care.
2.Clean lukewarm water
3.Guava leaf
.Always clean your vagina with lukewarm water after urination or sex.
.Soak cloves in a clean container and drink atleast twice a day for optimal result.
Atleast twice in a week soak cloves and henna with clean warm water and wash private part
Practice kegel exercise
Boil four handfuls of guava leaf with clean water,allow to boil for twenty minutes,then turn the contents into a large bowl.Allow to cool off,then sit in the bowl for twenty mintues(this should not be done more than twice a week)
Eat as much raw garlic as you can,and if you can stand it peel one clove of garlic wash and insert in your vagina once a week at night before you sleep and remove the next morning(do not push the garlic too far up you private part so you can easily locate it for removal)
Do not insert unwashed hands into you vagina
.Always use cotton underpants
Wash your underpants daily
Do not insert anything you don’t know or understand into your vagina in the name of aphrodisiac.I have heard severally about aphrodisiac has caused women infectious diseases or much worst.
Stick to this list for a month and take tonnes of fruits they are good for the body and serves as natural vaginal lubricant
Never use scented soap or liquid or perfume on your VJ, you may end up scattering the good bacteria inviting VJ yeasts infection.
_Women who don’t experience orgasm during sex, join us for solutions and start enjoying good sex
_So many tips on natural sex boasters, lubricant, sweetener and enhancers to generally improve your sex life.

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