A public health practitioner has advised Nigerians to be mindful of the drinks they consume, especially drinks like zobo, kunu that come with re-used plastic bottles.

In his words;
“This is important! Empty bottles being used by patients in the hospital is normally packed by some cleaners who get to sell them to some of their customers who use it to make “Zobo, yoghurt, kunu, tiger nut drinks and so on”.

Now here is the problem with some of these bottles

Some of these bottles were used by patients who had Tuberculosis, which means they coughed out their saliva into it… Some were used by patients with Hepatitis B and other infections that are can be transmitted, it could be Lassa fever or Ebola viral infection

When those that buy the empty plastic bottles buy it, they do so at a very cheap amount and I’m sure that they don’t sterilize it hence the chances for transmission of infection is very high.

This message is very important for everyone especially.

You have to be careful, this has been the tradition for years and this is one of the ways by which some people come down with infections at times without knowing the source.

It’s a message for everyone that cares about their health. Be conscious of what you eat and the source.

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