What would have turned out to be a serious fire outbreak had been averted in the city of Uyo through the help of some good spirited passerby.

Accroding to an eyewitness report, it is gathered that at about 11:32pm yesterday, a Yoruba woman who sells provision shop at number 12 Uruan street close to ” MMA TAPA DIA” a mamaput joint who had decided to close a bit late that yesterday was the first to notice thick smoke and fire coming out from a locked up store owned by the food vendor MMA TAPA DIA .

On noticing the fire, she shouted for help and Mr Freeman who was driving along the street decided to stop by and with the help of his fire extinguisher and the technical know-how of Mr Amos James Ofonime a graduate of Onshore Offshore Institute Apostolic was also around the premises to help quench the fire. It is gathered that what led to the fire outbreak was a charcoal burner which was not properly quench. The fire had burned the plastic chairs they packed alongside the charcoal stove.

Although not much damages were done, it is unfortunate to know that this is a result of the carelessness of the workers who closed last.

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